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If you are looking to give your brand the maximum exposure and returns in the addiction niche, then look no further than Just Ask. We are the UK’s most trusted and visited site for authoritative resources and guidance on addiction-related topics. including drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. Our platform is a unique opportunity to reach the widest network of users and service providers in the marketplace at the most pocket-friendly price available anywhere!

Varied Advert Options to Suit Your Brand Needs

Just Ask offers a wide range of strategic and flexible options to fit the various peculiar needs of advertisers. So no matter your size, budget and advertiser need, we have the right option that fits your business perfectly, quickly and effectively connects with your target market and guarantees highest ROI. Choose from variety of superb and carefully designed advert options streamlined to the unique needs of different advertisers. We accept advert copies for banners, post reviews, email blasts, sponsored reviews, newsletter ads, and stripe adverts.

When you reach us today, we will work to understand your specific advert need and recommend the best possible options and combinations that not only match your marketing goals, but also boost your business potential. Advertisers should, however, take note that our advert placements are only in the addiction niche, which covers products and services associated with drugs, alcohol, gambling and nicotine, as well as compulsive behaviours regarding, for example, sex, shopping, the internet, or even work.

Who can take advantage of our unbeatable platform?

If you operate a business in the addiction niche or you represent a professional consultation service, then you are in luck. Just Ask is well positioned to give you unmatched visibility, brand exposure and market reach that can easily establish you as a leading name in the industry. So, whether you run or manage a treatment centre, detox clinic or you are an addiction counselor, therapist or interventionist, take advantage of this unique opportunity to give wings to your vision and set it in full flight.

Why Advertising with Us Is Your Best Bet

  • Optimum Brand Visibility: Does your brand have an excellent array of products and services? Stop reaching in the dark; get market awareness and patronage by coming to the marketplace they frequent and trust for all their online resources.
  • Targeted Reach: Not meeting your sales target? Then your marketing needs to be narrowed to your target market. Just Ask is the industry-recognised meeting place for buyers and consumers. Take advantage of the fantastic opportunity now.
  • Brand Value: Market patronage and meeting your KPI and ROI targets are closely related to the brand value your product or service commands in the marketplace. And one proven way to boost brand value is advertising on a respected and trusted platform like Just Ask.
  • Stay Ahead of the Crowd: Don’t just stand out from the crowd of competitors with great services and products; become an outstanding name or brand by associating with the resource pool they have come to trust and love with a strategic advert placement.

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