Write For Us

The road to recovery is never an easy one but we seek to make it as easy as possible, not only for people struggling with addiction but for their friends and family as well. The Just Ask blog is one of the avenues through which we make information available to those who need it.

The posts on our blog are designed to enlighten people on the many areas that need to be addressed when dealing with addiction. Our posts also help people know that they are not alone on their journey, that there are many people who have either walked or are walking in their shoes. We are looking for people to join our team of writers to keep bringing lifesaving information to our website.

Maybe you can help us

Have you ever struggled with addiction in any form or to any degree? Have you watched someone you love struggle through addiction? Are you a mental health expert that can provide expert and valuable information? Are you a life coach, therapist or counsellor that wants to write pieces that can help people affected by addiction? Do you just have a passion for or an interest in helping addicts on their road to recovery? Are you able and willing to write news and stories that can do so?

You are who we need

We need you to share your story, your experience, your knowledge and your strength with our community. If you have been affected by addiction, come share your experience with our community. If you are a mental health expert, coach, counsellor or therapist, come share your knowledge and expertise with us. Fuelled by your passion, write on news and trends, among other things that surround addiction and share with our community.

We write sensitive

While we are quite happy that you are interested in helping us strengthen our community and our readers by writing for us, we must be clear on some things. Mental health is a very sensitive issue and care must be taken that everything we post on our blog does not inadvertently hurt or offend someone. Strict attention must be paid to what you intend to write to ensure that the tone, language and word usage are not judgemental, careless or offensive. Any submission that in its composition does not factor in the need to be sensitive will not at all be considered.

Send us what you want to write

Write an article and send it in to us. You should write something that matches what you will be writing most on, should you end up joining our team of writers. Send your piece to us via xxxx@justask.org.uk. Along with the piece, we expect to receive from you your CV/resume and sample of your previous writing (if you have any). Your submission upon receipt will be carefully examined and reviewed by our team to determine if it is a good fit for what our readers and community need. If your submission passes the evaluation, you will be contacted by the team with further details and instructions.

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