At Just Ask, we provide tips and helpful guides for people suffering from addiction, those affected by it and those in recovery.

On this page we welcome you to leverage the following resources to help you navigate the journey to sobriety with ease. We have curated a list of tools and websites that are highly recommended to quit your addiction or cope with someone who is addicted.

How to know if you are addicted

Are you concerned about your used of a substance? Sometimes we don’t know when we have crossed the threshold of what is responsible or not. These links contain useful resources for determining whether you are consuming too much.

There are also suggestions for the following resources:

  1. Government based resources
  2. Addiction research
  3. Aftercare and support resources
  4. Family care resource

Government-based resources are sites where you can access useful information to understand how to deal with your addiction or that of a loved one.

Addiction Research are non-profit and educational institutions that are dedicated to finding solutions to addiction recovery and making it available to people.

Aftercare and support services

The conclusion of drug rehab is a critical period. It is important to have good aftercare programs to help you re-enter into society seamlessly

Family Support Resources

Friends and family members of addicted individuals face challenges every day to tread the thin line between supporting their addicted loved one and enabling them. The following resources make it easier

With these resources, you can come out of addiction a stronger version of yourself. You will be able to find support for your journey to sobriety.

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