Vaping: Myths Vs Fact


The introduction of the modern e-cigarette in the early 2000’s has welcomed a lot of myths concerning the health risks it supposedly holds. Take a look at this infographic which has been bought to you by Tank Puffin, the providers of the finest choice of e-juice on the market, to discover the myths and facts surrounding vaping. You will soon have the answers to some of the most talked about conspiracies. Does nicotine cause cancer? Are E-Cigs addictive? It’s time to face the facts and realise that vaping can be carried out in a safe manner with minimal risks involved.

Is Vaping A Healthier Option?

If you are looking to give up smoking but struggling to take the big leap, vaping is a far healthier replacement that will allow you to ditch the cigarettes yet still get that fix. With such a variety of flavours to choose from, e-cigarettes are a far safer and healthier venture that could potentially save your life in the long run. Educate yourself with this infographic and get the answers to all your questions right away.

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