Meth Addiction and Rehab


If you have watched the TV series “Breaking Bad”, then you know what Methamphetamine is. Meth, as it’s popularly called, is a very powerful and highly addictive drug formally used during World War II to keep soldiers awake, but now abused as a stimulant by many people (students most especially) today to the detriment of their private, family, and social lives.

Effects of Using Meth

The high potency of meth means it can inflict tangible effects even in small doses. Here are both the short-term and long-term impacts of the use of meth:

  • Short-term effects: Alertness or heightened senses, euphoria, increased body temperature, brisk heartbeat and breathing, enhanced energy, and loss of appetite.
  • Long-term effects: Weight loss, insomnia, confusion, memory impairment, serious dental problems, delusion, hallucinations, psychosis, paranoia, skin sores due to excessive scratching, and addiction.

Signs Your Loved One is Hooked on Meth

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug—a powerful one at that. Therefore, no-one can be faulted for worrying that a loved one might be using. If you have genuine concerns that a family member or friend is on meth, here are some symptoms you can look out for:

  • The person’s eating habit suggests decreased appetite.
  • They seem more alert: sleep less and seem more attentive.
  • Their breathing has grown unusually rapid.
  • They complain of increased heartbeat and of feeling hot.
  • If the person is already addicted to meth, you may notice symptoms like excessive scratching, skin sores reminiscent of acne, tooth decay, and even hair loss.

Consequences of Meth Addiction

Meth addiction comes with many consequences. If you are, or know someone that is, hooked on meth, beware of these consequences of meth addiction and don’t hesitate to help that someone realise them too. It might be the information that convinces you or that person to seek help.

  • Inability to maintain relationships with friends and family, especially those that don’t condone the use of drugs and the bad habits that accompany it.
  • Negligence of personal, familial, and social responsibilities due to fixation with the drug.
  • An inclination towards lying to, or cheating loved ones, if only to acquire money for meth.
  • Isolation and withdrawal from loved ones in a bid to keep the drug and habit concealed.
  • Tendencies to indulge in risky sexual activities. Thus meth addicts are prone to unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
  • The use of meth during pregnancy increases the risks of premature birth, small birth weight, brain or heart abnormalities in babies, and placental abruption.


Meth Addiction Treatment

Like any other illness, meth addiction can be treated, and stepping forward to receive that treatment is a big step that needs to be applauded.

The first stage in the treatment of meth addiction is the proper evaluation of the addict, which involves interviews and tests to determine the extent of the addiction. After the evaluation, a personalised treatment programme is set up and the candidate moves to Stage Two of the process.

Since meth addiction comes with grave withdrawal symptoms, medical detox is used to minimise the seriousness of the symptoms and curb medical complications. Psychotherapy is also leveraged, along with education sessions and supportive services (for addicts with financial or legal problems.)

An aftercare treatment is also important for people recovering from meth addiction and helps them transition from constant supervision to regular supervision and then occasional supervision while they attempt to reintegrate themselves into the society by finding a job or healing relationships.

Throughout the course of meth addiction treatment, it is not advisable for a recovering addict to abandon rehab, as they would risk relapsing, which can lead to further complications in the person’s life and health.

If you or anyone you know is hooked on meth, it is time to seek help. So far as you are still alive, there’s always a way to retrace your steps and find that fulfilling life you have always dreamt of. Reach out to an addiction rehab centre near you or leave a comment below. We earnestly want to hear from you.

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