Useful Health Benefits of Exercising On a Treadmill


Regular exercises can help you enjoy various types of health benefits. These include losing excess body weight, a boost in your heart strength, and a decrease in your natural insulin resistance. All of these health benefits can easily be enjoyed by regular cardio workouts. If you visit a gym, you will find people walking or running on treadmills. It is said that walking or jogging on a treadmill puts less pressure or stress on your entire body as compared to walking or running on any flat surface. Experts at the Beverly Hills Vein Institute also point out that regular exercise on the treadmill can help prevent conditions such as varicose and spider veins. Modern-day treadmills also come with several other features such as inclination alteration and speed change to help you get the best possible workout from the comfort of your house.

Health Benefits of Exercising On a Treadmill

According to Dr. Dee from Healing Hands Chiropractic, there are several health benefits of exercising on a treadmill on a daily basis. Some of the crucial health benefits are listed below to help you understand.

  1. Benefit for Your Heart: It has been found out that regularly walking or running on a treadmill can benefit your heart in several ways. It proves vital when it comes to any type of diagnosis of heart diseases, various cardiac problems, and coronary artery blockages. It is often seen that your body may not show any signs of heart ailments. However, once it is put under stress, such as exercising on a treadmill, it helps to find out the exact condition of your heart. People who do not currently experience any heart problems are often put under treadmill tests.
  2. Benefits a Diabetic: It is a known fact that regular exercises plays an important role when it comes to controlling insulin level, especially in type 2 diabetes. If you have a treadmill at home, it can prove to be a great way to encourage yourself in exercising every day. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes and are not dependent on insulin, regular exercises and a proper diet can help you control diabetes in the best possible manner. However, it is always suggested to consult with your doctor before you start on a regular workout routine since this can also often raise the blood sugar levels. If you exercise for less than 20 minutes at any given time, your liver will automatically release stored glucose for energy. In other words, a workout session of less than 20 minutes is always beneficial, simply because it forces your muscles to consume the glucose for energy that, in turn, lowers the overall blood glucose levels.

It is very common and simple to understand that regular exercises is a great way to keep yourself fit and in shape. It can also boost the natural immune system of your body, which can help fight against diseases very easily. Amongst the various groups of muscles in your body, the heart is the most important. Thus, it is very important to exercise your heart to help it stay in the best of shape. Amongst the various types of workout machines, treadmills are quite useful. These are very simple to use and easy to store.