Addiction News Round-Up




Celebrities Whose Alcohol Addiction Ruined Their Careers and Lives

The glamour of Bollywood always attracts us. We all wish to live a life like Bollywood stars. Don’t ignore the fact that looks can be deceptive. The industry may look glamorous from outside. However, …

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Nine-Year-Old Fortnite Player Enters Rehab for Gaming Addiction

(Photo: Epic Games)Playing Fortnite too often has reportedly gone too far for one player with reports emerging that a nine-year-old girl has entered rehab due to her gaming addiction.Mirror reported t…

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New strategy in suing opioid maker blamed for addiction crisis: Target the family who runs it

Juliet Sorensen, a former federal prosecutor in Chicago who is now a professor at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law, said that the Sacklers are known for their philanthropy — “not for b…

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Gaming addiction can be treated on the NHS after it is declared a medical disorder

Children hooked on addictive video games like Fortnite will be able to seek treatment on the NHS after video gaming is classified as a medical disorder by the World Health Organisation (WHO) next week…

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Canada is wrong – legalising cannabis will increase addiction risks

Recreational cannabis use is now legal in Canada (Picture: Getty)I heard the news that Canada became the second country in the world to legalise the recreational use of cannabis and, in all honesty, i…

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